Switch from Google to LocationIQ: Static Maps

Static maps: Google to LocationIQ

Static Maps are the watered-down version of regular maps – They don’t require JavaScript or any dynamic page loading. They’re mostly used on websites that want to visualize a particular address without needing the interactivity of a regular map.


This is part 2 of a 5-part series. 

  1. From Google to LocationIQ: Geocoding
  2. From Google to LocationIQ: Static Maps
  3. From Google to LocationIQ: Maps
  4. From Google to LocationIQ: Directions (coming soon)
  5. From Google to LocationIQ: Snap to Roads (coming soon)


A standard static map REST API call contains:

  1. Endpoint
  2. Access Token
  3. Center coordinates
  4. Additional Parameters

1. Endpoint

This is a fairly straightforward change

2. Access Token

Another small change that’ll help us identify a request coming from you

3. Center Coordinates

This is the area in the map you want highlighted and at the center. Tiles surrounding this point will be loaded

4. Additional Parameters

These parameters involve changes to the output – necessary when adapting maps to your website/ app


Did we miss something? Write to us with details on your deployment  – we’re happy to help!

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