Streamlining the Search: How Bostadsval Simplifies the Rental Market with LocationIQ

Understanding the Swedish Rental Housing Market

The Swedish rental housing market is a dynamic and complex landscape shaped by a unique set of factors that distinguish it from many other countries. In Sweden, renting is generally a long-term choice embraced by a significant portion of the population. This preference for rental housing is attributed to various factors, including the country’s strong tenant protection laws, a cultural inclination toward mobility, and a historical legacy of cooperative housing associations. As a result, the rental market in Sweden is marked by a consistent demand for housing with limited supply.

The Birth of Bostadsval

In this intricate rental ecosystem, Bostadsval emerges as a game-changing platform that revolutionizes the way Swedes approach the search for rental accommodations. From the outset, Bostadsval’s mission has been clear: to streamline the connection between landlords and individuals in search of their next home while simplifying the housing rental market in Sweden. As a rental real estate aggregator, Bostadsval compiles an extensive array of rental accommodations sourced from thousands of different landlords across the country, all in one user-friendly platform. What sets them apart is their focused commitment to providing rental housing options that are available for immediate occupancy, eliminating the need for frustrating queues and waitlists that often plague the rental process.

Enhancing User Experience with LocationIQ

With customer experience at the forefront, Bostadsval chose to create a visually rich user experience by displaying the available properties on a map instead of simply showing them on a scrollable list. This approach aimed at allowing users to easily identify their preferred areas in a city and seamlessly explore the available housing options around that specific location. While seemingly pretty straightforward, this process translates into a significant number of map views as users generally tend to scroll through areas they’re looking at.

In the initial phase, the team tried Google for their mapping needs and very quickly encountered substantial costs. They then turned to other providers, who although were 20%-40% cheaper initially, ended up having a bunch of hidden costs. At this point, when the team was contemplating abandoning the idea of visualizing properties on a map – they came across LocationIQ. With its beautiful, flexible, and scalable maps, LocationIQ fit the bill perfectly. Not to forget – a transparent and affordable pricing model! The easily accessible APIs took the team around 10 minutes to implement and switch from their previous provider to LocationIQ. The team were also able to add customized markers and save close to 90% of their costs!

The Impact: Streamlining Rental Accommodation Search

Bostadsval’s partnership with LocationIQ has enhanced user experience by providing visually rich maps and streamlining the rental search process. The cost-saving measures and scalability offered by LocationIQ have allowed Bostadsval to serve its users more efficiently. Looking ahead, this partnership opens doors for future innovations and advancements in the rental market.

Conclusion: Building the Future of Rental Housing Search

Bostadsval‘s innovative approach, coupled with partnerships like LocationIQ, is shaping the future of rental housing search in Sweden. By prioritizing user experience and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Bostadsval is paving the way for a more accessible and efficient rental market. As the landscape evolves, collaborations between platforms like Bostadsval and LocationIQ will continue to drive innovation and transformation.

Bostadsval wouldn’t be what it is today without LocationIQ’s mapping service. From me personally and on behalf of the entire team, we extend our deepest gratitude for LocationIQ’s incredible service, making it possible for us to build and scale a software product exactly how we have envisioned it.

– Alexander Tuul, CEO at

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