GensDeConfiance uses Forward Geocoding to connect buyers and sellers

Emergence of hyperlocal technology platforms has turned consumers into value-conscious beings. There are a plethora of C2C platforms that enable transactions between people who like to sell their goods and people who are willing to buy them. Such platforms eliminate the need of any middlemen which results in buyers and sellers getting more value. GensDeConfiance […]

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How helps people discover experiences around them

Ever missed a concert from one of your favorite bands that happened in your city, because you never heard about it? Ouch. With cluttered inboxes and so much happening around us, it’s almost impossible to keep track of every event that interests us. Or for that matter even finding exciting things to do in town when […]

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Plex, Geolocation and intelligent UI!

In this VUCA world, the battle for user attention plays out round the clock – companies invest enormous efforts in enhancing product-user interactions. User experience combines traditional human-technology interaction design with data to address the perception and usability. One such people-centric service is provided by Plex; a suite of software and apps with millions of […]

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Note on COVID-19

These are unprecedented times not just for business but for the world. The COVID-19 crisis has impacted all of us and amidst this, our priority is to ensure the safety of our team, our customers, and the larger developer community. We want you to know that our services will be up and running, and our […]

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Switch from Google to LocationIQ: Dynamic Maps

LocationIQ is an alternative to Google Maps

Dynamic maps are living breathing parts of your deployment. Beautiful, flexible and constantly updated – LocationIQ maps enable you to visualize geolocation data. Using Google Maps API? We’ve put together a quick guide to help you switch over to LocationIQ

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Looking for a MapFit alternative? LocationIQ has got you covered

The past Monday, MapFit API users received a message informing them that the mapping platform has decided to shut down its developer APIs and focus on developing the underlying technology. The mail from MapFit indicates a shift in approach saying “We’ve also learned that there are a large number of mapping use cases and features […]

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Switch from Google to LocationIQ: Geocoding

Google to LocationIQ geocoding

In this guide, we’ll run down the differences/ similarities between Google & LocationIQ APIs. While switching from Google to LocationIQ is straightforward – as the two APIs are fairly similar – there can be certain differences that don’t appear obvious until you’ve spent some time with both the solutions. The objective here is to showcase […]

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The Google Maps Bill Shock

LocationIQ maps, geocoding and routing

A Big (unwelcome) Change Back in May, Google announced a major change in pricing for their Maps platform. This would cause common use-cases to cost anywhere between 10x to 100x of the earlier prices. Their developer community and customers were…wait for it…not pleased! Fast forward 3 months to August; the pricing changes are live and […]

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