The Hater app uses LocationIQ Geocoding to make sense of GPS data

hater dater locationiq

“At times hate can be more genuine than love” says Brendan Alper, founder of Haterdater. Launched early this year, Haterdater (, has quickly scaled up and today has 120,000 active users on the app all over the world. In the highly competitive $2Bn online dating industry, Haterdater stands out by positioning itself as an app […]

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LocationIQ: An alternative to Mapzen and Pelias

geocoding, reverse-geocoding and maps

Mapzen, sadly, will now be remembered in the past tense. Early this week, Mapzen announced that it will shut down all it’s services because….well, we’re not entirely sure yet. Balancing resources between commercial and the Open Source community can be extremely complex. Mapzen did a wonderful job in the past 4 years, pushing the envelope […]

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