Plex, Geolocation and intelligent UI!

In this VUCA world, the battle for user attention plays out round the clock – companies invest enormous efforts in enhancing product-user interactions. User experience combines traditional human-technology interaction design with data to address the perception and usability.

One such people-centric service is provided by Plex; a suite of software and apps with millions of active users around the globe, Plex is known for its flexibility, availability and user experience.

Plex recently announced a new update with numerous features. A particular standout is ‘Plex Places’ – which levels up the users’ photo organizing experiences. With ‘Places’, Plex uses geolocation metadata from photos, translates this to actual location names and lets users curate/ create photo albums. 

Plex partnered up with LocationIQ to translate coordinates attached in photos to actual names of places by a process called ‘Reverse-Geocoding’. This allows Plex Media Server to provide features like timeline-based photo viewing, automatic tagging and tag based photo search – to recapture those lost moments! 

The Places feature is currently supported on iOS, Apple TV, Android, and Android TV devices, as well as in the Plex Web app. 

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